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DON’T DO IT FOLKS, DON’T BUY FROM ADAMS!! I wish I would have spoken to people who currently own and live in an Adams Home before I bought.

I am not the only one with problems in my neighborhood alone. I will open my house for anyone looking to buy just to showcase the problems we’ve had. Here is what we have had to deal with: - Busted drainage pipe under driveway that Adams tried to just fill with concrete several different times. Tore up the driveway several different times before finally discovering that they needed to do it right and replace the pipe.

This all occurred before, during, and after closing. - Discrepancies in the Brick color on back of house. This took two chemical washes to make it look better. Occurred before closing.

- A complacent plumber forgot to hook our dishwasher up properly and it was not caught by the superintendent which resulted in a flooded kitchen. This caused mold under the cabinets due to Adams neglecting to solve the problem in a timely manor. They were ultimately forced to replace the cabinets. After being aware of the problem for over a month and being told that it needed to be finished before thanksgiving.

They decided to do this The Friday before Thanksgiving in order to rush to meet my deadline. Occurred after closing and displaced us from our kitchen multiple times two of which were the Friday before thanksgiving and the DAY BEFORE thanksgiving. - A roof leak in my daughter’s room that leaked on her at night and woke her. This was caused by someone neglecting to seal a boot around a pipe through the roof.

This caused a need for drywall repair of the ceiling in that room. - Paint is peeling off of our porch handrails. - Multiple ceiling cracks one of which spans pretty much the entire length of the peak in our vaulted ceiling. - Multiple discrepancies in the drywall finish that became very apparent after a fresh coat of quality aftermarket paint from Sherwin Williams.

- And too many other smaller things to list.See the pictures below for proof of the shotty craftsmanship! Contact me if you want more info.

Through all of this I was very understanding and even helped take care of some things that should have been done by Adams. However, they refuse to offer us anything for all the problems we've faced and displacement they've caused.

See the pictures below for proof of the shotty craftsmanship! Contact me if you want more info

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of quality of the product. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of adams homes construction. Adams Homes needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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So, at no point did you have a home inspector, inspect your home before you moved into the home, to catch these problems before you took ownership

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